Sowing of mustard seed in Rajasthan on the track to meet target soon

By Anil Sharma

Rajasthan’s agriculture department has fixed a target for mustard sowing in the state at 4.1 million hectares, which is almost similar to last year’s figure.

“Sowing of mustard seed is going on in full swing. So far, crop sowing has been done in 70 per cent of the targeted area in the state. We are optimistic that the state will be able to achieve the target soon,” an agriculture department official said.

Mustard is a winter crop (rabi) and sowing is done from October to December. It is harvested in February and March. Traders said that as of November 4, sowing of mustard crops was done in over 2.8 million hectares in the state.

“We are sure that it would reach last year’s figure both in sowing and production,” said Anil Chattar, joint secretary, Mustard Oil Producers Association of India (MOPA). 

According to trade estimates, during 2022-23, the total production of mustard in the state was estimated around 5.2 million tonnes. Chattar added, in 2023-24, production is expected at the same level.

Agriculture and allied sectors contribute around 25 per cent to the state’s gross domestic product.

Although mustard is grown in the entire state, it is sown in large quantities in eastern Rajasthan. This is due to the soil and climate along with other factors.

Rajasthan is the country’s top mustard producer. The state contributes around 40-45 per cent of the country’s total mustard production.

Due to the high output, there is a Mustard Research Centre in Bharatpur. Demand for mustard comes mainly from Eastern states.

“States like West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, among others, are the main buyers of mustard seed and oil from the state,” Chattar added.

This article has been republished from The Business Standard.

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