Short-duration Rice varieties suitable for Rabi/Boro cultivation

Below is a list of short duration paddy varieties suitable for Rabi/Boro cultivation. These varieties are tolerant to low/extreme low temperature and better growth capacity at seedling stage during winter (Dec- Jan). These varieties have been recommended post  pre-rabe interface 2023 of Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, New Delhi and ICAR.

SNName of the varietyYoNMaturity (days)Av yield(q/ha)Recommended states
1CR Dhan  201201411838.0Chhattisgarhand Bihar
2CR Dhan  202201411537.0Jharkhandand Odisha
3CR Dhan  205201911057.0Tamil  Nadu, Gujarat, Odisha,Punjab
4CR Dhan  203 (Sachala)201511040.5Odisha
5CR Dhan  206(Gopinath)201511539.5Odisha
6CR Dhan  207(Srimati)201811537.0Odisha
7CR Dhan  210(Sarumina)202011531.6Odisha
8CR Boro Dhan 2200811561.0Odisha,Assam
9KrishnaHamsa20019052.0AP,                WB,Tripura, Bihar
10NPH 8899(Hybrid)201710052.4UP,           Bihar,Assam
14US 382(Hybrid)20209456.5Assam
15DRR Dhan  67 (BRRI  Dhan84)202211060.0Assam,       WB, Tripura
16DRR Dhan  68(BRRI  Dhan 99)202210565.6Assam,       WB, Tripura
17DRR Dhan  69 (BRRI  Dhan100)202211868.5Assam,       WB, Tripura
18BidhanSuruchi2019110-11462.4WB,      Odisha,UP, Assam
19DRR Dhan  472018110-11550.0Telangana, Karnataka, AP,           Kerala andPuducherry
20Ajit201511055.0Uttarakhand,Maharashtra, Tamil  Nadu

Short-duration Rice varieties suitable for Rabi/Boro cultivation.

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