Milling and Millers is the first ever digital platform in India which is purely dedicated to the advanced grain milling technology and millers. Milling and Millers delivers the latest and most relevant information about the agriculture in general and the post-harvest industry in particular.

We are a connecting bridge between the post-harvest industry and its end users i.e. the millers. We believe in providing the most authentic information about the recent trends and future predictions. The relevant information is always the holy grail of success and we strive to keep this grail full of much needed news insights, research findings, latest developments etc.

Milling and millers is a one stop destination for the grain milling industry and the millers. It has benefits for both the millers and the milling industry.

Millers can benefit from Milling and Millers.com by exploring:

  1. Latest news and developments.
  2. New research insights.
  3. Information about the new and advanced technology that makes milling efficient and generates profits.

Milling Industry can get benefitted from Milling and Millers.com by having:

  1. Latest knowledge about the trends and patterns.
  2. Relevant information that can strengthen their research and development activities.
  3. Up to date information about Government Policies.
  4. Direct connection with millers/machinery suppliers/dealers/agents etc.

 Our Organization:

Milling and Millers is a digital news and magazine venture of Ecitech Media Solutions.