FSSAI issues list of referral labs for testing fortificants in Fortified Rice

The FSSAI has issued a list of Referral Laboratories for the testing of fortificants in Fortified Rice (FR), Fortified Rice Kernel (FRK) and Vitamin-Mineral Premix for the Fortified Rice Kernel. These labs will act as an appellate lab in case the samples failed in the primarily notified labs.

According to the food authority, “In case when the samples fail in the approved primary food testing laboratories notified for testing FR, FRK and the Vitamin-Mineral Premix for FRK, such samples shall only be sent to the Referral Food Laboratories.”

The food authority recognises referral food laboratories for the purposes of carrying out analysis of appeal samples. And a total of 9 referral labs were approved by the food authority for the testing of Iron, Vitamin B9 (folic acid), and Vitamin B12 in Fortified Rice, Fortified Rice Kernel and Vitamin-Mineral Premix for FRK.

This article has been republished from FNB News.

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