Notified labs must upload testing report of fortified rice kernel on Infolnet.

The food authority has said that it will be mandatory for notified labs to upload the testing/analysis report of fortified rice kernel, and vitamin-mineral premix for fortified rice kernel on the Infolnet portal.  

The FSSAI has issued an order in this regard, issuing directions to laboratories and asking them to comply without fail.

Under the FSS (Recognition and Notification of Laboratories) Regulations, it is mandatory for all the FSSAI notified labs to share the record of observations and upload the test report on the online platform of the food authority.

FSSAI’s order says that labs which are notified for the testing of fortified rice kernel and vitamin-mineral premix for fortified rice kernel are required to upload the testing/analysis report to Infolnet on a real-time basis.

These labs were directed to submit monthly reports of testing carried out by them to FSSAI before 5th of every month.

FSSAI’s order also asked these labs to submit a report about the non-compliant samples and their manufacturers as well.

The labs were also directed to keep the remnant samples of the fortified rice kernel and premix for the fortified rice kernel for at least three months from the date of reporting in the refrigerated condition (5-10 degree C).

‘All laboratories are directed to comply with the directions failing which strict penal action will be taken against the defaulting samples,’ reads the order.

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