Fortified rice not plastic’: Govt (Goa) responds to rumours online

In response to growing concerns regarding “plastic rice” circulating on social media, the department of civil supplies and consumer affairs has issued a much-needed clarification regarding fortified rice.
“It is informed that there has been misinformation and misleading videos circulated on social media as well as on local newspapers about “plastic rice” being sold through fair price shops. The issue has been clarified time and again not only by the department, but also at the government level,” the department said.

In a detailed explanation, the department pointed out that the fortified rice kernels are made with rice powder and mixed with micronutrients such as vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron. These micro-nutrients are added to rice in appropriate proportions. They are then shaped in the form of rice and mixed with the main supply at the miller in a ratio of 1:100.

“Rice fortified with iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 boosts our health,” the department said in a statement issued on Friday. “The cooked rice contains 80% starch and a high carbohydrate content, and that is the reason for the adhesiveness and elasticity in rice. But this does not indicate that the rice is plastic.”
The department further emphasised that fortified rice, far from being a cause for concern, is an excellent dietary choice. It can be stored, tastes like normal rice, and is prepared in the same way. “We must include fortified rice in our diet to have added nutritional advantages.” the statement read.
Stressing that fortified rice is a positive step towards a more nutritious diet and should be embraced, the department thus encouraged millers to produce fortified rice, highlighting its far-reaching benefits and its potential to bolster the health and well-being of consumers.

This article has been republished from The Times of India.

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