Govt bans export of non-basmati rice to keep domestic prices in check

By Dipak K Dash
The government on Thursday banned the export of non-basmati white rice with immediate effect, in its bid to ensure adequate availability in the domestic market and allay the risk of rise in price. The modal or most common price of rice across cities has increased by Rs 5 a kg in the past one year and on Thursday was selling at Rs 35 a kg. In Delhi, the average price was Rs 39 a kg compared to Rs 32 a year back. In a notification, the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said the export of white rice has been put under the “prohibited” category instead of the earlier “free” list. The ban also includes semi-milled or wholly milled grains.
The food ministry said domestic prices of rice are on an increasing trend with the prices registering an increase of 11.5% over a year and 3% over the past month.
It also said the export duty of 20% on non-basmati white rice was imposed in September 2022 to lower the price as well as ensure availability in the domestic market.
This article has been republished from The Times of India

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