India’s decision to sell subsidised chana under Bharat Dal initiative receives praise from experts

By Manisha Gupta

Madhur Biyani, the Director of LN Udyog, lauds the government’s recent move to sell subsidised chana, viewing it as a brilliant strategy. He believes that this decision will bring significant benefits to the economically disadvantaged segments of society, enabling them to access nutritious chana dal at an affordable price.

With the escalating prices of vegetables, there has been a surging demand for pulses. In response to this situation, the Modi government has taken a proactive step by announcing the sale of subsidised chana, branded as ‘Bharat Dal,’ aimed at making pulses more accessible and affordable to consumers.

Biyani foresees a considerable surge in the demand for chana dal, especially during the upcoming festive season. Nevertheless, he expects the prices of chana dal to stabilise due to the government’s decision to offer it at a subsidised rate.

Under the ‘Bharat Dal’ initiative, the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED) will facilitate the sale of the subsidised chana dal at a rate of Rs 60 per kilogram, ensuring better accessibility for consumers across the country.

According to recent data released by the Ministry of Statistics, the Consumer Food Price Inflation (CFPI), a sub-index of the CPI, experienced a notable increase of 4.49 percent in June, surpassing the previous rate of 2.91 percent in May. Additionally, India’s retail inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), also climbed to 4.81 percent in June.

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