India sending 20,000 metric tons of wheat to Afghanistan amid humanitarian crisis in country


The Indian government is sending another 20,000 metric tons of wheat to Afghanistan amid a humanitarian crisis in the country, Khaama Press reported.

The Khaama Press is an online news service for Afghanistan.

This new project entails using Iran’s Chabahar port to carry 20,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan. This generous deed intends to relieve the severe food scarcity that many Afghans are currently experiencing, as per Khaama Press.

The project builds on the success of a previous wheat assistance delivery of 40,000 tons through Pakistan’s land border. The first shipment of 2,500 MT of the 20,000 MT of wheat has already left the port and is scheduled to arrive this week in the province of Herat via Iran.

With Iran’s Chabahar port acting as a central transit point, this route not only avoids the difficulties posed by the land border but also emphasizes the importance of regional collaboration.

India shows its dedication to promoting the stability and prosperity of Afghanistan by widening the channels for aid distribution, as per Khaama Press.

Indian Foreign Affairs Ministry in a recent statement said that the current issues involving the Afghanistan Embassy in New Delhi are an internal matter from India’s point of view.

The diplomatic representative still served under the former Afghan government’s ambassador, Farid Mamondzai. However, the de facto government in Kabul recently named a new ambassador, which faced opposition from the diplomats and staff of the Embassy.

According to media sources, Qadir Shah was appointed by the Taliban leadership to lead the Embassy in New Delhi, as per Khaama Press.

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