Meet July 1 deadline of fortified rice kernels-blended grains: Assam CM to millers

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday joined an interactive meeting of the rice millers of the State with the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs held at the Maniram Dewan Trade Centre in Guwahati.

Addressing the occasion, CM Sarma said the Government of Assam has ensured that the commitments it had made to the rice millers with regard to subsidies are being met and that any grievances regarding the same would be addressed at the earliest.

Addressing those millers who are yet to instal blender machines at their mills, the Chief Minister reminded them of the coming July 1 deadline, after which non-FRK rice grains shall not be procured by any government rice grain procurement agencies.

“So far, subsidies amounting to a total of Rs 9 crore have already been released,” he added.

As per directives from the Government of India, rice to be procured by the government agencies from coming July 1 has to be mandatorily blended with fortified rice kernels.

CM Sarma stated that around 300 millers have already installed blender machines while the remaining are expected to do the same at the earliest.

The meeting also touched upon other issues that have the potential to benefit millers as well as paddy cultivators of the State.

The Government of Assam has extended subsidies of upto Rs 2 lakh per mill for the purchase of blender machines, required for the purpose of blending general rice grains with FRK.

Departmental Minister Ranjeet Kumar Dass, Chairman of Assam Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Rajen Gohain, along with a host of other dignitaries, were also present.

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