Rice Meant For Annabhagya Scheme Ends Up In Black Market, Cops Seize 77 Quintals Of Rice

By Prajwal Prasad

The rice allotted in the Annabhagya scheme, which was supposed to go to the poor, is being sold to black marketers. Acting on a tip-off that rice was being stored illegally in a godown, police, and food department officials conducted a raid and seized food items worth lakhs of rupees from the Narasapura industrial area of Bettageri in Gadag district in Karnataka.

During the raid, 77 quintals of rice worth Rs 2.60 lakh were seized. Enraged over being informed about the illegal storage of rice, the fraudsters threatened the members of a pro-Kannada outfit and fled in the presence of the officials.

District Superintendent of Police B.S.Nemaglud told Republic, “Eknath and the owner of the godown are on the run and a special team has been formed to trace them. The two men have switched off their mobile phones. They will be arrested soon and the interrogation will begin. The members of the pro-Kannada organisation will be given adequate security and strict legal action will be taken against the accused.”

The cops acted on a tip-off from the members of pro-Kannada organisation and Ravi, one of the members of the organisation, told Republic, “We tipped off the cops stating that rice, that was meant to be given for Anna Bhagya beneficiaries, was being illegally hoarded and then distributed to the black marketers. The cops swiftly took action and formed teams, conducted raids but the accused escaped right in front of them. We are hopeful that the accused will be nabbed quickly.”

Annabhagya scheme was launched by the state government of Karnataka as one of the guarantees where BPL and Anthyodaya cardholders will be given 10 Kg of rice each month by the government. The food department and police are working to make sure that black marketers don’t hoard rice meant for the poor and needy. The government has instructed law enforcement authorities to act on the fraudsters and miscreants hoarding rice meant for the Annabhagya scheme.

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